Prevention of Money Laundering and Benami Property - Consulting, Bail and Appeals

Our Team in Aallenclif VG, always takes pride in being with the right side of the law. In parallel, we value the right of the customers to be guided in the right way too. Offering advisory, litigation and coverage support from the stage of investigation to final proceedings, we make the life our clients much easier.

Research, Reference & Redressal:

Discerning is the key the team of legal experts in Aallenclif AG always focus at. Our belief of “Rightly perceived and planned is half way through” has brought us a long way in the legal arena of the region. Our knowhow and competence in the field of PMLA and Benami Act has made us nonpareil to extend the advisory functions and the Legal Representations to our clients.

Key Highlights:

Identifying the problematic area and the support prerequisite in the most desirable manner is our subtle approach. Our in depth competence aid us here to come to the initial judgment and the way the related matter to be taken care.


Safeguarding the interest of our clients being the prime motto, Aallenclif AG deploys the cream of the crop to take care the entire processes related to PMLA or Benami Act cases. From outlining the appeals to final representation and settlement of the case, our team constantly puts the best forward maintaining transparency with our clients respecting their privacy.


Getting things done legally is not an easy task for layman, especially when the play is in front of specific appellate authorities. We make it effortless of our clients. Our constant endeavor in deep dive analysis and interpretation, solution figuring methodology and implementation tactics has driven us the right way in establishing triumph stories.

Advisory Functions Offered:

Foreign and Overseas Direct Investment.

Interaction with RBI for gaining approvals.

Maintenance of foreign currency accounts in India/abroad.

Advisory functions to Persons resident outside India in Purchase /Sale of Immovable properties in India.

Advising a resident of India in Purchase /Sale of Immovable properties abroad.

Establishment of Place of business in India.

Money changing activities and remitting functions.

Foreign Contribution Regulation matters.

Matters relating to Export/import.

Release of foreign exchange for capital and current account transactions.

Compliance functions relating to Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines.

Legal Representations Covered: PMLA

Before the Investigating authorities under FEMA/PMLA.

Before Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF).

Before the Enforcement Directorate.

Before Adjudicating authorities replying to Show cause notices and Personal Hearings under FEMA.

Before Adjudicating Authority under PMLA in the matter of Attachment of Property.

Before Appellate Tribunals for Foreign Exchange/PMLA.

Before Hon'ble Special courts for PMLA in the matters of arrest/bail/prosecution.

Before Hon'ble High courts/Supreme court in the matters of Appeal.

Before Central Advisory Board under COFEPOSA in the matter of preventive detention.

Before the Compounding Authorities under FEMA (RBI/ Directorate of Enforcement).

Before the Competent Authority, Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators Forfeiture of property.

Legal Representations Covered: Benami Act

Initiating Officer.

Approving authority.


Adjudicating authority.

Appellate tribunal.